Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell On Lindsay Lohan: 'She's Not In My Prayers'

The troubled singer will receive no sympathy from the Backstreet Boy

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It seems Lindsay Lohan will receive no sympathy from Backstreet Boy star Brian Littrell who has suggested he has little sympathy in an interview about the troubled Liz & Dick actress.

Lindsay is facing three misdemeanour charges from a car crash in June and possible charges for an arrest on suspicion of assault in New York City.

Lindsay has also allegedly had bank accounts seized by the IRS due to outstanding debts.

Brian weighed in on the matter when he chatted to TMZ. When asked if Lindsay was in his nightly prayers, he said: “Unfortunately, no.”

He added: “I’m probably breaking a lot of ministers’ hearts. It’s like, ‘He’s a Christian. He should pray for everybody’. But she’s not in my prayers at night. I’m sorry.”

However, Lindsay has received support from Demi Lovato and Mel Gibson, who recently said he might reach out to the troubled star in the coming days.

Would you reach out to Lindsay or do you think she deserves what she gets?

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