'Les Miserables' Star Anne Hathaway: I Would've Pulled Out My Teeth To Play Fantine

Now that would be method acting!

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'Les Miserables' star Anne Hathaway went through various hardships to play Fantine in the movie, losing loads of weight and her hair to star as the unfortunate character in the musical tale of revolutionary France.

But the actress admitted that she would've gone even further in her quest to depict Fantine on screen, so into it was she.

The star said told The Metro: " It’s just the sort of job you feel you should give your pay cheque back at the end of the week, it was such a dream and I can’t believe I’m the girl that got to play Fantine."

Speaking at last night's star-studded London premiere, the actress, who's hotly tipped for an Oscar said of her transformation: "I didn’t have to pull out my teeth but no one asked, so yes I would do anything."

That dedication is the sort of thing that could see Anne, probably with hair, certainly with near perfect teeth, in the mix for an Academy Award come Oscars night in February.

The movie version of the hit musical sees Anne as Fantine alongside Amanda Seyfried as Cosette, Hugh Jackman as Valjean and Russell Crowe as Javert.

All were in attendance last night as the stars of the film walked the red carpet in Leicester Square ahead of its world premiere.

PHOTOS: Anne Hathaway joins the stars of 'Les Miserables' at the London premiere

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Anne Hathaway at the world premiere of 'Les Miserables' in London (Photo:WENN)