Prince William To Surprise Pregnant Kate Middleton With Cosy New Love Nest?

A holiday home to enjoy with the Royal family's latest addition

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Those Royals lead a charmed life, don't they? Just days after the announcement came that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant, it's been reported that Prince William is seeking to buy a cosy love nest for his wife in bonny Scotland.

The new holiday home has been referred to as a 'push present', an American term meaning a gift given as a reward to new mothers. (We find this kind of creepy... how might that conversation go? "Cheers for squeezing a human being out of your body, here's that holiday home you always wanted...?")

According to Life & Style magazine, as their family expands, William plans for them to lay down new roots in Scotland, near the Queen’s Balmoral estate, where they can make room for The Coolest Baby In The World (sorry Blue Ivy, your time's almost up!)

“William has been looking into adding another house to their portfolio and he wants it to be a surprise to Kate,” an insider tells the magazine.

“He wants it to be a holiday home that they can visit when they are not working."

Becoming a father-to-be doesn't seem to have gone to William's head, either. True to his usual form, it is alleged that the home won't be an extravagant palace.

The source details: “It will likely be something cottage-style and cosy.”


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