Gary Barlow: Christopher Maloney Knows X Factor Viewers Are Behind Him

After winning Wildcard vote and then a place in the finals

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Gary Barlow has said that Christopher Maloney should know he has the full backing of the X Factor's voters, because he was the person who won the Wildcard slot.

Speaking to members of the press in Manchester today, the Take That frontman also denied the suggestion that he would feel guilty for not having chosen Maloney for his category in the first place.

He said: "No because he was a wild card. At that point in the competition you want four contestants in your category and that's what you got."

He also said that "I think for Christopher, unlike everybody else [who doesn't] know the order of the votes each week and could be considering who's near the bottom, Christopher knows the public's behind him because they already voted for him as the wild card and then voted him through to the Sunday."

Do you think Christopher can win The X Factor 2012?

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