Nicole Scherzinger 'Scared James Arthur Will Make Her Look Bad During X Factor Final Performance'

The pair have dismissed rumours that they'll be singing one of Nicole's tracks!

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Nicole Scherzinger is all set to sing alongside James Arthur in this weekend's X Factor final, but the judge has now revealed that the pair will NOT be singing one of her songs because she's scared that James will outshine her.

During a press conference in Manchester yesterday (December 6) ahead of this weekend's event, Nicole didn't give too much away about what they'll be singing together, but she did say that they won't be shaking any Pussycat Dolls moves on the stage. Boo!

Speaking to EntertainmentWise judge said, talking about their song choice: "I specifically chose, I didn't want to do one of my own songs"

To which James added, "I really did. I would do a cover of don't hold your breath and I wanted to do dontcha"

It seems Nicole wasn't so eager to do one of her own tracks though, as she continued: "But then he makes my song look bad, my version look bad because his is so brilliant."

And the pair definitely won't be busting out any sexy moves on that stage either, it seems.

Nicole said, "No have you ever seen them dance? I'm just going to be singing."

And there's a whole lota love for you viewers out there, with the 'Don't cha?' singer admitting that she's loving life in the UK.

"Oh my gosh I am flipping in love with them now (the viewers) What's the difference between this year and last year? It's very simple, it just that they have allowed me to be myself. And not only did they do that they brought out the best in me."

She continued, "The British public embrace me. It wouldn't have been a great year if they hadn't embraced my idiosyncrasies and sense of humour. I'm actually going to be spending a lot more time here because I have a lot coming up at the beginning of the year. So I'm thinking about living here."

We'd love to have you, Nic!

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