Katy Perry Blasted As 'Manic Cyborg Cheerleader' In Scathing Attack

Hollywood reporter lays into stars as encouraing a 'man pleasing era'

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Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been blasted by a writer in the US who claim their “demure girly-girl” images are a throw back to the 1950s.

Camille Paglia wrote in an article for The Hollywood Reporter that the high profile stars, who are role models for millions of young girls around the world, are damaging the image of women.

Clearly not a fan of either women Paglia doesn't exactly hold back with her opinions.

She wrote: "We've somehow been thrown back to the demure girly-girl days of the white-bread 1950s. It feels positively nightmarish to survivors like me of that rigidly conformist and man-pleasing era, when girls had to be simple, peppy, cheerful and modest."

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift (WENN)

Accusing Taylor of having a "golly, gee whiz" attitude and attacks her use of music to make thinly veiled swipes on her famous boyfriends.

She wrote: “Swift affects a “golly, gee whiz” persona of cultivated blandness and self-deprecation, which is completely at odds with her shrewd glam dress sense. Indeed, without her mannequin posturing at industry events, it’s doubtful that Swift could have attained her high profile.”

Adding: “Her themes are mainly complaints about boyfriends, faceless louts who blur in her mind as well as ours.”

Going onto Katy Perry, Camille attacks the 28 year-old Katy Perry as a "wide-eyed teen-queen".

She claims: “She’s like a manic cyborg cheerleader, obliviously whooping it up while her team gets pounded into the mud.”

“Especially after the train wreck of her brief marriage to epicene roué Russell Brand, her dazzling smiles are starting to look as artificial as those of the aging, hard-bitten Joan Crawford.”

Before adding the cutting: “Katy Perry’s schizophrenia -- good-girl mask over trash and flash -- is a symptom of what has gone wrong.”

Taylor and Katy show off preppy look on night out (WENN)

Referring to the performers earnings according to Forbes magazine, she wrote: “It’s staggering that 22-year-old Taylor Swift earned $57 million and Katy Perry$45 million. How is it possible that such monumental fortunes could be accumulated by performers whose songs have barely escaped the hackneyed teenybopper genre?”

We've contacted reps for both stars but as of yet there has been no comment.

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