WATCH: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway And The Stars Of 'Les Miserables' Get Emotional At 'Les Miserables' Premiere

Stars think we're going to love the movie!

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The stars of 'Les Miserables' were out in force on Wednesday for the London premiere in Leicester Square, and all were incredibly forthcoming about their roles in the new movie, a version of the 1985 musical.

The cast, under the direction of 'The King Speech's' Tom Hooper seemed even more enthusiastic than stars usually are on the red carpet, with Hugh Jackman (Valjean) calling Victor Hugo's novel "one of the greatest musicals ever written, one of the greatest stories ever written."

'The Dark Knight Rises' star Anne Hathaway spoke about the incredible physical transformation she'd undergone to play Fantine, but she had also undergone a mental transformation too.

She said: "To play the role of Fantine I made a lot of physical transformations, I cut my hair, I lost a load of weight, but then the emotional stuff was kind of looking at the world around me, and I did a lot of research into the life of sex slaves which are unspeakably harrowing,so that kind of put me in the headspace I needed to be, especially to sing I dreamed a dream."

Russell Crowe (Javert) was full of praise for 'Wolverine' star Jackman, saying: "Hugh is a splendid human being, the leadership he displayed on the set and the artistry he displayed, he was so impressive."

Jackman himself said that he was glad that the film had taken 27 years to make so that he had got to take the part of Valjean, in a musical he'd loved since he was a boy.

Amanda Seyfried, playing Cosette, Valjean's ward, said: "I think the story is timeless, it resonates in every culture, in every society and in every era."

We must say, given the actors' desire to sell the movie, such enthusiasm was pretty impressive, and with Oscar buzz surrounding Anne Hathaway, we're sure that 'Les Miserables' is going to be a good 'un.

It's just a shame that it's a wait until January 11 to see it!


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Anne Hathaway at the world premiere of 'Les Miserables' in London (Photo:WENN)