One Direction's Harry Styles Threatened By Taylor Swift's 'Protective' Locals, Label Him A 'Hairy Boyband Member'

Neighbours have said that she's 'their homegirl' out, Harry!

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It seems like things are definitely hotting up between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, as the pair have now been spotted hanging out in London following their recent New York string of dates. However, Harry better watch his back it seems, as Taylor's neighbours have warned him that she's 'their homegirl'.

Country star Taylor and 1D band member Harry have been pretty much inseparable since they were first rumoured to have hooked up at an X Factor show last month, but Taylor's locals in her hometown of Hendersonville are less enthused, according to The Sun.

Local councillor Scott Sprouse told the paper: “My advice is for Harry to treat her nice. Taylor means a heck of a lot to this town and of course, everyone is very protective of her.”

He continued: “She is a big star, a local girl and a role model to so many in Hendersonville. No one wants to see her hurt.”

And Scott's the first of many in the area to have an opinion on the 'Love Story' star's current romance...

A salesman at the popular firearms store Guns And Leather said: “Taylor deserves to be treated well and not messed around. She’s our hometown girl and we don’t want some hairy boyband singer messing with her.”

Harry & Taylor walk hand in hand during NYC date (Photo: Splash News)

Taylor moved with her family to Hendersonville, about a 30-minute drive from the country music capital of Nashville, in 2003. Her dad Scott, a stockbroker, and mum Andrea decided to uproot the family from Pennsylvania so their daughter could pursue her music dreams. But while Taylor’s singing career went from strength to strength, her love life went in the opposite direction at first, according to reports.  

However, the singer definitely doesn't have to worry about bagging attention from the opposite sex any longer, does she?

Joni Worsham, head teacher at Hendersonville High School, where Taylor was a pupil for two years, said: “Taylor has a special place in the heart of the people in Hendersonville. She is very well respected and loved, and people only want the best for her. They would not want to see her hurt in any way by a relationship that went wrong.”

One pal who was in her English class said: “It would be all or nothing with Taylor. She was very romantic and would fall hopelessly in love from the get go. There were no half measures.”

Taylor went on to build a career writing songs about her many failed romances, including those with Hollywood stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner, and also singer John Mayer. Her first ever hit, Tim McGraw, was about being dumped by local boy Brandon Borello. Her next romance was with high school student Sam Armstrong — that also went bad when he cheated on her, inspiring the break-up hit, 'Should’ve Said No'.

Sam has since left Hendersonville, but his dad Troy opened up about his sons romance with Taylor, saying: “They were just kids, and it was nothing serious. Sam took her to the prom one year. They looked a lovely couple and she was a pretty girl."

“But, to be honest, my wife thought she was a bit clingy. Sam doesn’t talk about her. I guess they have all moved on.”

But at the local WalMart store, one worker had this to say about Taylor’s new British boyfriend: “I’ve heard of Harry Styles and he is cute."

Adding, “But he’d better not mess with Taylor and hurt her. I can tell you he will make some enemies around here if he does.”

Sounds like fighting talk to us! What do we think? Is Haylor's romance the real deal?

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