WATCH: Scantily Clad Miley Cyrus Performs With Strippers At Nightclub

But didn't she call strippers 'gross'?

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WATCH: Scantily Clad Miley Cyrus Performs With Strippers At Nightclub
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Miley Cyrus recently said she wasn't a fan of strippers, but it didn't look like that last night in Los Angeles as the Disney star stripped off for a racy routine in a flesh flashing outfit of revealing top, skin tight trousers and knee high leopard-print boots.

The Hannah Montana star who is keen to get her career back on track, shared the stage with exotic dancers at DJ Borgore's 2 night Christmas Creampies concert in LA and certainly raised some eyebrows with her sexy outfit as she performed new track 'Decisions'.

Speaking of his decision to hire the former child star, DJ Borgore told Ace Showbiz: "I really wanted her [Miley] here, really.

"I feel like the second I go on the mic and there's another person on the mic, it goes extremely well. The kids in the electronic area don't get to see this s*** anymore, all they get to see is just DJs raising their hands up, being DJs."

Looks like the 'Can't Be Tamed' star is living up to her name with the raunchy performance but Miley, we thought you weren't a fan of strippers?

After she was surprised on the Ellen DeGeneres Show with a lap-dance the 20 year-old, who is engaged to 'The Hunger Games' star Liam Hemsworth, reportedly said according to Bang Showbiz.

Miley Cyrus gets a lap dance on Ellen, calls it 'gross', (WENN)

"I had never seen a guy stripper before that show. One of them was cute, but typically, it's the one you don't want sitting on your face that does. Gross,” Miley claimed.

Protesting that she didn't enjoy it and even warned Liam not to watch it she went on: “Someone's butt was on my nose,”

But unfortunately for Miley photos of her had already gone viral and she allegedly came home to him saying, “so everyone was tweeting pictures of you with strippers.”

Miley Takes To The Stage (YouTube)


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