'Hollywood Mishap'? The Game Says 'Chris Brown Will Never Attack Rihanna Again'

The rapper believes Chris is a changed man

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'Pot Of Gold' rapper The Game believes Chris Brown is a changed man, claiming the singer will never repeat an attack on rumoured girlfriend Rihanna, following his 2009 assault on the singer when they were dating.

Chris ruined his career three years ago when he brutally assaulted Rihanna during an argument the night before the Grammy Awards, leading to a conviction for domestic battery and community service.

The Game believes Chris Brown is a changed man (WENN)

While the public remain sceptical about Chris as a result of his actions - and his alleged reunion with Rihanna - one person standing by him is his friend The Game, who appears to confirm the pair are back together.

"[Chris Brown] is like a little brother of mine. I did the best that I could to counsel his through that, and I feel like he made it back okay," The Game told Howard Stern on Sirius XM.

"And you know, they're back together, and what I thought of it, I just figured that they were young and that was just one of those Hollywood mishaps."

The Game says Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together (WENN)

"I don't think it'll happen again... he has changed, but I'm not him, so I can't speak for him."

When asked how he would react if it was his daughter that Chris attacked, The Game replied: "Eh, let's not paint that picture... you're trying to get me to [say that I'd] kill Chris Brown, man."

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