Anne Hathaway Predicted 'She Would Marry' Adam Shulman On First Date

Sounds like the couple were meant to be!

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Anne Hathaway may have discovered her psychic talent after correctly predicting she would marry husband Adam Shulman when they went on their first date.

The 'Dark Knight Rises' actress married the jewellery designer in September after three years of dating, but it seems Anne may have been planning her wedding from the get-go after she felt a spark with Adam on their first date.

Anne Hathaway knew she would marry Adam Shulman on their first date! (Will Alexander/WENN)

Recalling their spontaneous first meeting in 2008, Anne reveals she went out on whim, flying Adam out to Louisiana to watch her film Rachel Getting Married.

"As soon as I met him I was like, 'What is the deal with that guy?' And someone told me he had a girlfriend so I backed off. I found out like six weeks later that he didn't have a girlfriend and so then I asked him if he wanted to go to New Orleans with me," Anne told David Letterman.

"There was a special screening of a film that I was in called Rachel Getting Married and I had a spare ticket," Anne explained.

"My two best girlfriends from L.A. couldn't go and I just thought, 'Of all the people I know in L.A., I think I would have the best time with that guy, Adam.' And my friend said, 'Is it a date?' And I said, 'I have no idea, we'll find out when we get there.'"

She continued: "It was kinda funny because my friend said, 'What happens if it goes badly?' And I said, 'If it goes badly, then we'll never see each other again, and if it it goes well, we'll probably get married.' And that's what happened."

It seems the couple may be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet soon as Anne's friend Amanda Seyfried believes she would make the "perfect mother."

"She’s three years older than me. But she’s a very maternal, graceful woman that it’s hard not to have these kind of warm feelings for her. She’s very maternal. She’s got to have kids at some point. She’d be the perfect mother," Amanda told The Hollywood Reporter.

Sounds like Anne and Adam were meant to be!

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