Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber And Lindsay Lohan: A Look At The Bad Boys And Girls Of 2012

It's time to look at the most badly behaved celebrities of the year.

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You'd think with paparazzi following them everywhere they go, these famous boys and girls would think twice before getting involved in such headline grabbing situations. But there are some who just can't help themselves.

First in line for the boys is mild mannered rapper Chris Brown. Hardly known for his gentlemanly behaviour, the 'Yeah 3x' singer has not used 2012 to turn over a new leaf. Instead he managed to get himself mixed up in a bar fight, allegedly with fellow rapper Drake over Rhianna in June this year.

That's not all, Chris was also involved in a well documented, aggressive Twitter battle with comedian Jenny Johnson just last month. Oh dear, when will he learn?

Chris Brown performing in Berlin last month (Wenn)

Next up we've got ladies man Russell Brand. Beyond all his notorious sleeping around, and of course having his way with our favourite Ginger Spice, he also had a run in with the law across the pond.

In New Orleans in March this year, Russell was charged with allegedly grabbing an iPhone from a photographer and throwing it through a nearby window. Unsurprisingly this has not helped him in his attempts to gain US citizenship. Shocker!

Russell Brand's American dream may be over (Wenn)

If you think of One Direction, 'bad boys' probably doesn't spring to mind. But one fifth of the band, Zayn Malik may disagree with you.

With all the tattoos and the smoking, the 19-year-old has happily taken on the role as edgiest member. Then of course there were those rumours circulating about him cheating on girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

He told Seventeen, "I am a bit of a bad boy. I have tattoos and I mess around. That's part of my image." Goodness what must his mother say?

A swallow on his hand is just one of Zayn Malik's three tattoos (Wenn)

The last of our bad boys of the year is also the youngest with 18-year-old Justin Bieber having his fair share of naughty moments.

All you have to do is look at Justin to see teenage rebellion written all over those drop-crotch black outfits.

This year has seen the Canadian pop star collaborating with rappers, eyeing up Victoria's Secret models and even allegedly slapping a fan's camera out of her hand. Now, now Justin don't let this bad boy thing get out of hand.

Justin Bieber's had a ful bad boy make over (Wenn)

But let's not forget it's not just the boys who've been acting up this year; there's been some very unladylike behaviour in 2012.

With a third studio album being titled 'Good Girl Gone Bad' there should be no surprises when Rhianna gets herself into trouble. This year the singer has made it very clear just what she thinks of being called a bad role model, she doesn't care.

Rihanna is rumoured to have got back together with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and has apparently got her 19th tattoo with his nickname 'Breezy'.  Add that to the risque stage costumes, near-naked Twitter pictures and wild party antics the album titles seems very appropriate.

'Good Girl Gone Bad' Rihanna (Wenn)

Another notoriously badly behaved lady is the troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. Apparently struggling with financial issues Lohan has been accused of leaving a huge unpaid hotel bill, as well as having all sorts of run ins with the law.

Just a few weeks ago LiLo was arrested for assault after apparently getting involved in a bar fight over The Wanted's Max George. Yes, that's bad...and just a bit embarrassing.

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to these kinds of lists (Wenn)

Another one of those adorable Hollywood starlets gone slightly off the rails is Amanda Bynes.

No longer the sweet Nickelodeon actress she once was Bynes got herself arrested for DUI charges, after she allegedly struck a police car in West Hollywood.

Less than one month later, Bynes was accused of hitting another vehicle, though she wasn't charged for the incident. Sounds like someone needs to brush up on their highway code.

Amanda Bynes has got the bad girl look down in skintight black (Wenn)

So our final bad girl of 2012 had to be the Converse-toting Kristen Stewart. It was the cheating scandal of the year, when news broke that the 'Snow White and the Huntsman' star had been involved with her married director Rupert Sanders, no one could believe it.

Known for her moody interviews and difficulty with fame no one predicted this level of bad behaviour, looks like the messy hair and red-carpet scowl weren't just an act.

Kristen Stewart looking racy at the London premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II (Wenn)

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