Rihanna Threatens To Kill Chris Brown? Says 'His Life Won't Be Worth Living If He Dumps Her Again'

But instead of scaring Chris, insiders say her angry ways 'turn him on'

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As the Rihanna and Chris Brown speculation continues, it seems like the Bajan star may have finally had enough of Chris' behaviour, as according to new reports she has now 'threatened to kill' her ex/current lover if he leaves her again. Uh-oh!

According to Star magazine, sources have revealed that Rihanna has said that she'll 'finish Chris off' if he dumps her again.

“She says she’s been through so much pain to get Chris back that his life won’t be worth living if he breaks her heart again,” explains an insider.

And according to the mag, the 'death-threat gambit' is working, with the source also saying that “Chris has told her that he wants to marry her and be with her forever.”

“It’s pretty scary — but instead of freaking Chris out, it seems to turn him on,” the source continued.

And that's not all! The 'S & M' singer has taken to Twitter once again today to post a message that people have once again immediately linked to the 'Yeah X3' star.

Rihanna vented her spleen on December 12, tweeting, “Never underestimate a man’s ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes.”

And Chris has stepped out of line once again it seems, after reports also stating that his ex Karreuche Tran had also visited him on tour recently, which RiRi can't have been too happy about.

HollywoodLife quotes a source close to Ri-Ri as saying: "Rihanna is not stupid and she know his little side piece [Karrueche] is there but she ain’t tripping on the small s**t and trust, it’s really small. Ri don’t even pay attention to that because there’s no point.”

Adding: “She would never give time or spend a second thinking about another b***h that’s not even in her same league. Come on now, there’s really just no comparison and she could care less about another b***h or where they are in world because she and Chris know what time it is!”

Awks! What do we think readers? Are Rihanna and Chris Brown ever going to see eye to eye and go public with their romance?

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