REVIEW: My 15 Stone Baby

The Channel 4 documentary looked lt adults who dress and act like babies...

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Last night’s episode of My 15 Stone Baby explored why some adults choose to lead a ‘second-life’ whereby they dress and act like a baby.

The documentary focused most on two couples, Derek and Maxine and Kat and Justin. The documentary also looked at individual adult babies who, like the two couples featured, enjoyed the simple life of being an infant.

“When I put a nappy on it takes me back to a time where I had no stress,” Derek said, a truck driver who runs an adult baby nursery with his wife of 27 years, Maxine.

The couple opened the nursery near Portsmouth 10 years ago and Maxine has always been the resident ‘mummy’. Asked why the pair decided to open the nursery, they said: “We want to give them [the adult babies] the child that they miss.”

Maxine first knew of Derek’s infant-ways when she found a pair of plastic knickers under his pillow. She confronted her husband, who revealed that he liked wearing them. Despite the slight shock, Maxine stuck by her husband. But the nursery isn’t just a place for Derek to act like a baby; it also operates as a business for the couple and is an important source of income.

The show featured adult baby Derek (Channel 4)

Clients who wish to visit the nursery can either go for an hour, 12 hours or overnight. Fulfilling such a fantasy is not cheap, though. Maxine and Derek charge £50 an hour for the service and said that some of the onesies they buy cost £60 alone. The couple have adult-sized cots, nappies, outfits and an abundance of baby food and toys.

Although some people may assume there is a sexual connection with dressing up as a baby, Maxine insisted that her nursery is purely a place where adult babies can relax.

“I don’t offer any sexual services whatsoever,” she said. Due to the recession, Derek and Maxine’s business has been hit hard and they’ve noticed a drop in customers.

In order to try and get some extra money in, Derek is building a ‘S&M dungeon’, whereby customers who have an interest in bondage can put themselves on Derek’s ‘domicross’ and have all of their fantasies acted out. According to Derek, ‘mummy’ [Maxine] doesn’t want anything to do with the bondage business.

“We need to diversify. If the nursery picks up then this will go,” Derek said.

Derek, who experienced low emotional points in his life and once tried to commit suicide, said he doesn’t want others to feel the way he did and that what he and his wife do at the nursery is a way of helping those people. Although Derek believes he is helping people, he has had abuse about being an adult baby. “People think we’re paedophiles. We don’t want be with children, we want to be the children,” he explained.

The truck driver first found love for nappies when he was seven-years-old. At that age he was wetting his bed and couldn’t tell his parents. “I had to sort the problem myself. I pinched a nappy from my friend and even though it was wet in the morning, the bed was dry and that made me feel secure,” Derek explained.

The show also looked at a few individual adult babies. Stuart, 29, has been an adult baby for 10-12 years. With his face blurred out, he said: “I can’t show my face because I don’t want to get ridiculed.” Matt, 20, who was happy to show his face, has been an adult baby for seven years and has wondered what he is doing:

“Sometimes it’s like ‘what the hell am I doing I’m a grown man for goodness sake!’”, he said.

However, it’s not just the UK who has adult babies. Stateside in Colorado lives 27-year-old Kat, who pretends to be a six-year-old girl. When she’s not a child she is a psychology student and does normal things for a woman of her age.

At home, though, it’s a different story. Kat lives with her boyfriend, Justin, who is 10 years her senior and they have been together for a year. For some men your girlfriend pretending to be six would be weird, but Justin enjoys looking after Kat as if she was his daughter, he is in charge of her.

The stranger thing to grasp is the fact Kat calls her boyfriend ‘daddy’. “If I have an accident I’ll crawl into the big bed with him [Justin], which I’m not supposed to do if the sides are up [on her cot]”, Kat said. Justin said: “There’s times she can’t accept just how little she can be. I’m going to encourage her to need me.”

There are times when the couple do engage in ordinary activities for a couple of their age. Katy explained how they have sex, arguments, go on dates and snuggle “like normal people do”. Although Katy had a tough childhood, where once her mother asked her to shoot her and as a result ended up in foster care. “There isn’t a correlation with adult babies and abuse but I definitely know that that contributed to me. I never had a childhood,” she said.

Explaining what he liked about his girlfriend being this way, Justin said: “I’m interested in childlike qualities of wonder, not children.”

In order to try and buck up more business Derek and Maxine went to Florida for two weeks to set up an adult baby nursery. Whilst there they met British expat Ashley, originally from the Midlands and married to an American woman with a daughter. “I’ve been into this since I was six or seven. I found something I liked, it was nice. I just wanted to step out of my own shoes.

“It’s an emotional feeling [being an adult baby]. It’s going an emotional bond to it. I can’t tell my wife how I feel. We’re a married couple, we don’t have an intimate relationship and haven’t since daughter been born. When I touch her she flinches,” Ashley said.

John, 54 lives in north England and works in factory. In his spare time he likes to dress up as a baby girl. “You can wee wee your nappy without any fear. A truly adult baby dress is short and the nappy is on show,” he said.

“I would love to be a girl. I would love to have been born a girl. I don’t remember being a baby. I was brought up by my mother, she liked to enjoy herself and I never really got any attention. I was a backstreet romance, I never met my father. It is unusual but I like it,” John explained.