Jenni Rivera Remains Identified In Mexico As Footage Of Plane Crash Site Hits The Net

Mexican star died over the weekend in a plane crash

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Mexican authorities have confirmed Mexican superstar, Jenni Rivera's remains have been identified and handed over to the late singer's family members, according to CNN.

The 43-year-old died in a plane crash over the weekend along with six other passengers. Rivera's remains were reportedly given to brother Lupillo Rivera, who visited the crash site on Wednesday along with brothers Juan and Gustavo, to search for belongings to identify the singer.

The news comes as footage of the fatal crash scene was leaked online, showing disturbing images. According to TMZ, the family have branded the footage “appalling” and are trying to have it removed from the internet.

Speaking of how “devastated” the family are following her death, her brother Pedro Rivera Jnr told E! News: "We are feeling devastated. It's a devastation to the family."

"We were having a beautiful morning and then we received the news from my brother. 'Go see mom because we can't find Jenni's plane, we don't know what's happened to her'.

"That's when it started, really early at nine in the morning. I came to my mom's house. We started getting the news. Then at around 5 p.m., we got confirmation that she was gone. It was so painful."

Revealing that his whole family are together now, Rivera Jr added: "When we do find out what has happened with the body, because they have to get it out of the woods there. As soon as they get the bodies out and we receive the news that they're there, all the family is gonna fly over there and bring our sister back.

"We don't know how to thank you for all the love you gave to Jenni and to all the family. It is just so special to have you guys as fans.

"Life is like that. We live and we die. We may be sad, but when God has the last word for all of us in our last days, it's time to go. And this was the way Jenni had to go."