Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson On Rocks Again? 'She Begged Him To Go To New York, But They're Still Fighting'

Couple are said to be 'arguing over trust issues'

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Are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the rocks again? Surely not, we've only just got used to seeing them loved up following the brunette's fling with married director Rupert Sanders, but that's what insiders are claiming.

A new report from the US claims all is not well in camp 'Robsten' with the 'Twilight' hunk reportedly refusing to accompany his girlfriend to New York on her recent promotional tour due to on-going fights.

“Of course Kristen wanted Rob to be there with her,” a close source told HollywoodLife.

“Kristen asked Rob repeatedly to go with her, she was practically begging. They always supported each other at their respective projects. They always went to each others premieres, but this time was different. She was very upset about it.”

It seems their “fights” are still over the cheating scandal which almost saw the beloved couple split for good.

The insider went on: “Rob and Kristen still fight, he really doesn’t know if he can trust her,”

“He didn’t want to make some grand gesture of showing up to her premiere and let alone walk the carpet with her if he’s not sure about their future.”

Rob and Kristen On The 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2' Red Carpet (WENN)

While we've only seen Rob and Kristen looking happy since their break up body language expert Judi James did tell EntertainmentWise the chances of the pair already being over the damaging affair are unlikely.

Speaking to about their recent appearances at the 'Twilight' premières, she said: “They had about four outings I think, the body language wasn't the same throughout, they got quite weary I think by the end.”

“I think what we saw was more their screen personas, they look reasonably relaxed some of the time.”

Judi went on to say that it Kristen was working a lot harder than Rob to appear the loved up couple they've always been.

“She was putting in a lot of effort throughout to do quite extensive flirt signals with him, she kept face checking she was trying to attract his attention most of the time,” Judi revealed.

“Although while he was looking very gentlemanly and very chivalrous, he was generally looking slightly past her.”

She explained: “It was like a mating call that wasn't quite getting any reciprocation from him.”

Judi added: “It looks like she's putting in a lot of effort to look like business as usual but he's got a slightly distant look in his eye and why wouldn't he.”

“What happened in their relationship could never have been stuck back together again by the time they had to do these premieres,”

Judi offered. “But they are a brand and therefore had to pitch up.”

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