Rita Ora 'Really Upset' Over Rob Kardashian Twitter Rant

Rob Kardashian blasted an unnamed ex girlfriend online

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She's kept a dignified silence since her ex Rob Kardashian posted a shocking twitter rant, allegedly about her, earlier this month but now sources close to Rita Ora have claimed the Brit singer is "really upset" by the reality star's outburst.

The pair were thought to have been dating for up to a year before breaking up in recent weeks, which apparently led Rob to post a mean spirited attack, accusing an un-named ex girlfriend of cheating on him. 

Fans, as well as the press, were soon assuming it was Rita Rob was ranting about prompting the Kardashian to take to his account again to try and put things straight: "Just so we clear I never once mentioned "Rita Ora" in any of my tweets or even used the word "whore" and I never would. I Respect Women," wrote Rob.

Rita Ora is said to be upset over her ex Rob Kardashian's twitter rant (WENN)

"Sad that the media created negativity for a young artist new to the game that is working so hard to make it. Never mentioned any names."

Even though he didn't name names, Rita is still said to be deeply upset over the incident.

"Rita was really upset," a source divulged to British magazine Star. "She cared for Rob and thought they could stay friends. She can't believe he is being so personal on such a public forum."

The 22-year-old singer is yet to personally comment on Rob's messages, but has opened up about their split, citing distance as the cause. "I'm not going out with Rob. We were close for a while, but it didn't work because I was never there," she admitted recently to Glamour magazine.

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