Miley Cyrus And Taylor Swift Twitter Feud? 'People Who Call Me A Sl*t Are Idiots'

Miley retweeted a pic that said that Taylor had been with more guys than her...

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Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift's friendship has always been on and off, according to rumours surrounding the pair, but it seems like Miles may have just started another feud after she re-tweeted a pic which made fun of the 'Love Story' star.

Reporter Ken Baker recently tweeted a photo of the showbiz pair, which the former Hannah Montana was quick to retweet.

The picture in question shows Taylor and Miley together and the caption states, “[Miley] is called a s**t or b**ch everyday. Has been with the same guy for more than three years and is engaged to him,” while the caption next to Taylor clearly points out: “is called sweet, elegant, inspirational. Has been with more than 13 guys for the past three years!”

Miley’s comments were straight and to the point when she said in a response tweet, “people are idiots and call me a S**T when I am engaged at 20 cuz I am madly in love with ONE man. Just happy someone admitted it.”

However, seeing how her words may be misread, Miley then added: “haha there is no tweet heat! Don’t go trying to make this look like I started any kinda drama. I laughed because I know.”

What do we think? Does Miley have a point?

Miley & Taylor perform on the 51st Grammy Awards (Photo: WENN)

And despite insisting that she's only interested in the one man in her life, Miles was recently filmed having a dance from a couple of male strippers on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. But, Liam don't fret! The star soon labelled them 'gross.'

"I had never seen a guy stripper before that show. One of them was cute, but typically, it's the one you don't want sitting on your face that does. Gross,” Miley claimed, according to Bang Showbiz.

Protesting that she didn't enjoy it and even warned Liam not to watch it she went on: “Someone's butt was on my nose,” But unfortunately for Miley photos of her had already gone viral and she allegedly came home to him saying, “so everyone was tweeting pictures of you with strippers.”

And the stripper antics don't end there! Miley also recently performed alongside strippers at a nightclub in a rather saucy performance. Make up your mind, Miles! Check out the video below.

Miley peforms alongside strippers in club performance:

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