Katherine Jenkins Speaks Out About Affair Speculation

She 'would never' do that to another woman

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Being in the spotlight has its perks and its pitfalls - as Katherine Jenkins has found. Despite being a celebrated singer, she finds the darker side of fame difficult to deal with, and spoke out about it to Marie Claire magazine.

Katherine revealed that the most ridiculous rumour she had heard about herself was "that I was having an affair with David Beckham.

"I would bever do that to another woman. People don't know the extent of the story - I was abused on Twitter for months before speaking out. I had to stand up for myself."

Katherine says that when it comes to looking for a man, she likes "old fashioned chivalry. For me, if I was on a date and he didn't hold the door open, I would notice." She said "a lack of manners" is her top turn off.

Katherine split with her fiancee, TV presenter Gethin Jones, last December. According to Gethin, the pair are still friends. He told the Daily Record "I want to respect her privacy and be dignified. I'm not going to say Katherine is a bitch because she isn't and it's not how I feel. Kath and I had a friendship and still do."

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