Kate Middleton's Parenting Plan Revealed!

Baby won't be 'spoiled'

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If we were expecting a royal baby, we'd be tempted to start stocking up on golden cots, diamond encrusted dummies and some jars of pureed swan.

But someone reckons that the royal couple will be keeping it real - Princess Diana's former hairdresser, Richard Dalton.

Richard told new! magazine "I don't envisage [William] or Kate allowing their child to be spoilt - far from it. I should think they'll both be quite strict."

Richard revealed: "When William was tiny, I'd turn up to do his mum's hair, and there he'd be running around the nursery. William was brought up to work hard and respect others."

"Like any toddler, he'd push the boundaries and have a bit of a strop. One day, he was crying because he'd finished his ice cream and wanted some more, but a 'no' was a 'no'.

As long as Auntie Pippa doesn't use her £400,000 book advance to buy the baby sneaky extra ice cream, they've got nothing to worry about!

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