Suga Meets Spice? Heidi Range 'To Replace Victoria Beckham' In Spice Girls Reunion

Melanie C shoots down bizarre new rumour

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Now here's a rumour you don't see every day - a bizarre report has emerged suggesting that Sugababes member Heidi Range could REPLACE Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls. Say what?

According to the Daily Mail, she would perform in place of Victoria Beckham on a new album and tour.

If that doesn't go to plan, apparently it has also been suggested that Mel B, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton will hold a reality show to try and find a replacement for Posh Spice.

A source claimed: "The girls are going it alone without Victoria. They are keen to get back together and were trying to work out if they could do it as a four-piece. I think they know this is the last chance for them to get the band going again."

Spice Girls without Victoria (WENN)

"But the Spice Girls as a foursome is not going to get them another record deal or sell out big venues. They need an extra cherry on the cake. And the cherry on the cake would be if they replaced Victoria.

"And that leads to the next question: who do they replace her with? At the moment it's all being done in a very cloak-and-dagger way and not through official channels."

Sounds a little unbeliebable, right? But the interesting thing is that no Spice spokespeople have commented on the story... except for Victoria's, who has said: "Victoria respects all of the girls and will always support them all personally and professionally."

Luckily, Melanie C has now quashed the story on Twitter, writing: "It seems there has been some Spice related nonsense written today. None of the Spice Girls would ever or could ever be replaced #justsayin x"