Tom Cruise 'Loves Living In Hotels'

Movie stars are in and out of hotels, and Tom is loving it!

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50-year-old actor Tom Cruise spends months on end away from home. Filming on location leaves the Hollywood star living in hotels almost as much as in his own house and while some might be annoyed with the constant moving around Cruise reportedly can't get enough of it. 

The 'Risky Business' star, who has children Isabella, 20, and Conor, 17, from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, as well as Suri, six, with ex-wife Katie Holmes, often finds himself without a stable base.

Back to living the life of a single man, he doesn't seem to mind letting his career come first.

Tom Cruise has been all over filming and promoting 'Jack Reacher' (Wenn)

Author Lee Child, who befriended the star when he was cast in 'Jack Reacher', told Live Magazine: "I'm riding down in the lift with Tom Cruise from his high-floor suite to the hotel restaurant. He's booked in for four solid months. It's a nice hotel but still, I ask him if he's OK with it. Does he like living in hotels?"

"'I love it', he says, and I can tell me means it."

He may be a mega star but Tom Cruise still does all his unpacking himself.

"I step into the suite and Tom Cruise greets me. He's unpacking. He has a pile of shirts in one hand. He dumps the shirts and we fall into a conversation that lasts most of the next six hours."

Well if you're going to be there for four months you might as well make yourself feel at home Tom!

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