Is Downton Abbey Really As Edgy As Breaking Bad?

Hugh Bonneville compares Downton to the edgy US drama...

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Is Downton Abbey Really As Edgy As Breaking Bad?
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Whilst watching the ever-popular British drama Downton Abbey - complete with period costumes, and a grand manor house set in the English countryside - not many people would associate it with the edgy US series, Breaking Bad. Hugh Bonneville, however, thinks differently.

In a recent interview the star of Downton Abbey drew comparisons between the two programmes, saying “Downton is Breaking Bad with tea instead of meth”

As he helped to launch the new series in the US, Hugh described the drama as “a very contemporary-paced show and very modern in style. It mixes what you’re familiar with, with something new.”

Hugh Bonneville compares Downton Abbey to the US series Breaking Bad (Photo: WENN)

He plays the Earl of Grantham in the popular period drama - which has gained quite a large American fan base - who he says mirrors modern Wall Street swindlers.

The Downton star adds: “Robert is not a man of investment and he’s made a pretty catastrophic decision with what was remaining in cash of Cora’s American money that was brought over to save Downton.”

Hopefully Hugh will have helped to sell the extremely popular period drama to the US viewers. They may not exactly be able to see the comparisons to Breaking Bad like Hugh, but they should love the series as much as we have here in the UK.

Meanwhile, we Brits are still waiting ever so patiently for the highly anticipated Christmas special, not long to go now!

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