'I Just Asked For Pants' Harry Styles Reveals Christmas Wish List

Are you listening Taylor Swift?

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He's got pretty much everything an 18-year-old could ask for- world domination, nine million twitter followers and Taylor Swift as a girlfriend but there is one thing Harry Styles needs. The One Direction star has revealed the must-have that's top of his Christmas list...

Despite having amassed a fortune in 2012, Harry has seemingly run out of the bare essentials, judging by his list for Santa:

"I just asked for pants, because if you're on the road you always run out of pants and socks," he confessed to MTV News. "So I just asked for pants and socks."

Exciting stuff! If Harry does get his Christmas wish you can bet his bandmates will be happy, especially Zayn who apparently steals the other boys' essentials all the time!

"[I steal their stuff] all the time. I'm the biggest culprit for that. I steal everyone's stuff," Zayn admitted. I can never be bothered, like, taking a big suitcase. I nick all the other boys' clothes."

"Yeah 'cause Zayn's, like, come away with just a little bag," Louis added. "I've never understood it."

Maybe Taylor can splash out on the 3for2 offers and buy Harry and the rest of the boys some new pants? Harry's lady has already proved she's an expert present purchaser, as a source reveals the star has reportedly spent around £50,000 on Beatles memorabilia for her new boyfriend.

The One Direction stud is reportedly a huge fan of the Scouse rockers and girlfriend Swift is hoping he'll be pretty impressed with the rare gifts she's picked out for Christmas. A source reportedly told the Daily Star:

“Harry spent £900 on Taylor for her recent birthday, and now she wants to repay the favour – and then some.”

“She’s been phoning Beatles stores in Liverpool hoping to find pieces of rare autographed memorabilia she knows Harry will love. A staff member at one store let slip she wanted to spend somewhere between £40,000 and £50,000.”

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