Rob Kardashian Reveals Who His 'Dream Person' Would Be To Wear His Socks

Could it be Kanye?

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Rob Kardashian has revealed that the person he would most like to see wear his sock designs is Chanel's creative director Karl Lagerfeld, known for his acerbic tongue more than his compliments.

The only brother of the world famous Kardashian clan recently began a business manufacturing a line of socks for US chain store Neiman Marcus, dabbling in the world of fashion just like his sisters.

The reality TV star, who recently seemed to claim his ex girlfriend Rita Ora of cheating on him via his Twitter profile, looks as though he may idolise the fellow public insulter, Karl Lagerfeld, who previously verbally attacked Pippa Middleton.

Rob is very particular about his socks, and is happy with his brand so far - Splash

Talking of his new sock line, Rob revealed his fashion preferences while promoting the brightly coloured line Arthur George in Hollywood recently.

He said: "In a dream world, [the person I would like to see wear my socks is] probably Karl Lagerfeld.''

''That would be pretty cool. He probably doesn't wear socks, though. He's very Euro," Rob revealed to Racked.

"[My favourite labels right now are] Givenchy, Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin and my friend started this company that's really dope, En Noir, his name is Rob [Garcia]."

Rob celebrates 25th birthday with mother Kris Jenner and sister Kim Kardashian - Splash

Fortunately for Rob, his debut into the footwear industry has garnered a positive reaction, showing him how passionate people are about the things they wear on their feet.

Talking about his own sock preferences, he said: "I'm very picky about my socks. I'm very particular about all the little details.'

''Nowadays, all my friends and athletes that I know are very fashion-forward and into that. Normally I wear all black so for me, socks are a way to spice it up," Rob gushed.

"It's just starting [the sock line Arthur George] but the response has been all positive. A lot of people love socks,'' he added.

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