Victoria Beckham & Mr Blobby Singles Sold Just Three Copies In 2012

520 download Ant and Dec song, whilst over 9,000 get Crazy Frog

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The Official Charts Company has unveiled a List Of Shame, identifying how many copies some previous pop hits (many of them novelty records) have sold in 2012.

The stats revealed that Victoria Beckham's first foray into a solo career, which started with a collaboration with Dane Bowers, hasn't exactly lasted the test of time. Apparently 'Out Of Your Mind' sold only THREE copies this year, down from 26 in 2011.

Mr Blobby's novelty single has also only been purchased three times in 2012, whilst his Christmas single - 'Christmas In Blobby Land' - has only been bought twice.

Also on the List Of Shame is 'Blue (Da Ba Dee)' from Eiffel 65, which has sold 9 copies in 2012.

Doing significantly better, however, is Paris Hilton's 'Stars Are Blind', with 1,142 copies sold this year. The Cheeky Girls' 'The Cheeky Song' - released 10 years ago - performed similarly, with 1,102 new owners in 2012.

Bizarrely, nearly 520 people have purchased Ant and Dec's 'Let's Get Ready To Rumble' (released as PJ and Duncan) and, despite an appearance on Dancing On Ice, Chico's 'It's Chico Time' has only mustered 520 copies.

Adam Rickitt's 'I Breathe Again' has shifted 1,100 and over 1,000 have bought Michelle McManus' Pop Idol winner's single 'All This Time'.

Most shocking of all, however, is that Axel F's 'Crazy Frog' has sold over 9,000 copies over the last twelve months!

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