Daisy Lowe, Lily Allen, David Walliams & More Hit Twitter On The Eve Of 'The End Of The World'

Everyone's got a quick joke

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Celebrities have been joking on Twitter on the eve of what is apparently the end of the world.

NASA have been forced to ease online panic after many people began seriously thinking that ancient Mayan predictions of an apocalypse on December 21, 2012 might be true.

Still, it's been December 21 in Australia and still no signs of any drama... touch wood!

The news will be a relief for Tara Reid, who appeared to ask in all seriousness: "Yo you guys is it really supposed to be the end of the world tonight?"

Martin Solveig, producer of last year's dance hit 'Hello', joked: "In case it's not the end of the world, can we make it the end of Gangnam Style?"

And Daisy Lowe noted: "Wowzas the roads are DEAD everyones cuddling at home waiting for the end of the world!!!! #accordingtothemayancalendar"

Football star Gary Neville also chimed in, writing: "Lot of people telling me the world is going to end tomorrow. Might have my chippy early and not leave it to chance!"

Model and ex Celebrity Big Brother inmate Rhian Sugden repeated a particularly amusing gag that's been doing the rounds, posting: "People are making end of the world jokes... like theres no tomorrow!... #HA"

Lily Cooper (nee Allen) said: "I hope it is the end of the world tomorrow, anything to not have to look at next months credit card bill. #spendyspendy #xmas #FEAR #GUILT"

Elsewhere, David Walliams said: "I hope it's not the end of the world tomorrow. I just bought a Yule Log."

"How many people gonna use the end of the world tomorrow to do that trick from the Pepsi advert!", quipped Jack Whitehall.

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