'It's Very Incestuous': Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing Speaks Out

The reality TV show star said everyone has dated everyone

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To fans of the show, his statement would appear to be stating the obvious.

But nevertheless, Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing has spoken about the reality TV show and said it is very incestuous.

The blonde spoke to Digital Spy about his relationships with fellow stars of the show and said everyone has been out with each other.

He said: "In Chelsea, everyone is really incestuous. We've all been with everyone for some reason."

Jamie, 23, who is heir to the McVitie's fortune, said he didn't think it was weird that his former girlfriend Louise Thompson is now dating his best friend Spencer Matthews.

He added: "I don't think it's weird that I've been with Louise. Spencer and Louise are very happy. They're the same. Louise is needy. But as you'll see in the show soon, there's a lot of development."

Jamie also admitted that he had "messed up" his relationship with Binky Felstead which he regretted and added: "I thought that my love for her was not just friendship love, but actual love.

"But it was a mistake and I messed up. But people make mistakes and I'm a young guy and even though I've hurt her, I will show her I'm sorry."

Season 4 came to an end on Monday night and the gang return on Christmas Eve with a festive special.

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