'Jack Reacher' Co-Star Rosamund Pike: 'Tom Cruise Is A Master'

Star is the ultimate professional according to co-star

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Tom Cruise is a master according to 'Jack Reacher' co-star Rosamund Pike, and one who shares his knowledge with mere movie mortals at that.

Despite a year in which Tom's only movie released to date, 'Rock of Ages' got a bit of a panning from critics, Pike thinks that the star hasn't made a dud film, and if Pike's to believed the star, who also divorced wife Katie Holmes this year, could be back on safer ground with action movie 'Reacher'.

Pike told MTV News: "The opportunity to work alongside Tom Cruise is a sort of no-brainer," adding: "I mean, the guy is a legend. You look down Tom Cruise's backlog of films, and there isn't a dud one. As soon as you meet him, as soon as you're in the presence of both him and [screenwriter and director] Christopher McQuarrie, you realize you're in the presence of true cinephiles. Tom Cruise is a master. He shares his knowledge, and it's very exciting."

Pike plays defence attorney Helen Rodin in the new actioner, a lawyer who hires Reacher (Cruise) a former military investigator, to help clear the name of her client.

Screenwriter and director of 'Jack Reacher' McQuarrie also lavished praise on his diminutive star, saying: "It's a 24-hour-a-day job, which I personally like. You only get one chance to make a movie, and every minute you're not doing it, you're wondering, 'What more could I be doing?' You don't have that experience on a Tom Cruise movie. You know at the end of the movie you've squeezed every last bit of life you could out of it."

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Tom Cruise at the 'Jack Reacher' premiere (Photo: WENN)