Sir Ian McKellen: Thank Goodness For Cate Blanchett Adding A Touch Of The Feminine In 'The Hobbit'

Star says actress is vital for film

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Sir Ian McKellen has intimated that Middle-earth, as depicted in Peter Jackson's new movie 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is a touch short on feminine characters, and that's it's a good job that they managed to shoehorn in Cate Blanchett as Galadriel to girl it up a bit.

Sir Ian wrote on his blog: "One thing Middle-earth is short on is the feminine. It's a pity, because a female dwarf would have been fun. Bilbo's mother, the "famous Belladonna Took," will make a brief appearance in the extended DVD/Blu-ray edition but in the film itself, thank goodness for the ravishing re-appearance of Cate Blanchett's serene Galadriel."

The Gandalf star was very complimentary about the actress, and also admitted that they hadn't flown out Christopher Lee to New Zealand, but had used computer trickery to ensure that it was difficult to notice.

McKellen added: "She is so sweet to Gandalf, countering the sinister presence of a mournful Saruman at the conference table. Actually Christopher Lee wasn't with the rest of us, filming in New Zealand. His contribution was shot back home in London and then sliced into the scene, though you can't tell, of course."

'The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey' headed to number 1 at the box-office worldwide last weekend, and has so far raked in an incredible $244m.

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