Olympic Boxer Luke Campbell Delivers His Son

The gold medalist baby boy Lincoln arrived before the midwives did

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With Sports Personality Of The Year last week, we tend to put our Olympic and Paralympic stars on a pedastal and label them as heroes.

Well gold medlaist, Olympic boxer, Luke Campbell achieved another heroic feat this week when his fiancee Lynsey Kraanen went into labour and he ended up delivering the baby.

He dailed 999 for help, but his second son Lincoln arrived long before paramedics got to the scene.

Luke, 25 told the Sun newspaper: "I wasn’t scared before my Olympic final, but when we realised the baby was coming and we had no midwife or professional help, that was scary."

He was also full of praise for his wife to be: “Lynsey did incredibly well, she had no pain relief. I’ve had a few knocks in the ring but this was another level. Luckily everyone’s fine.”

26 year-old model Lynsey, had planned a home birth, so when she started having contractions Luke immediately grabbed her birthing pool and mat.

“I realised there was no time to start blowing up the pool or filling it with water. I put the mat on the floor and Lynsey got on it and started pushing."

The boxer admits he did have a bit of help from Lynsey's dad, Charlie who lives on the same street in Hull, East Yorks.

The sportsman said: "The umbilical cord got stuck round Lincoln’s neck. Charlie managed to free it and I guided Lincoln out. When I heard him cry it was a huge relief, I knew he was OK."

“I fetched towels and we wrapped him up, then the ambulance arrived."

If Luke didnt think things could get anymore exciting after being crowned a champ at the 2012 Games, and delivering his son, he will also be taking part on ITV1's Dancing On Ice in January.