Katie Holmes Discusses 'The Moment She'd Been Dreading'

Star talks about forgetting her lines

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Katie Holmes has discussed the "moment she'd been dreading" on David Letterman, and no it wasn't sitting on the same spot on the host's sofa as ex Tom Cruise just three days after he'd been on to promote 'Jack Reacher'.

Rather it was forgetting her lines in her new play 'Dead Accounts', in which she plays Lorna the downtrodden sister of the main protagontist.

Holmes told Letterman: "A couple of weeks ago I had the moment that I've been dreading," adding: "Which was, I have this kind of big speech in the second act and it's pretty important because it kind of goes along with the theme of the show. And I said the first line, and I'm looking at (co-star) Judy Greer and I'm supposed to be angry with her.

And then the second line I didn't remember. And I didn't remember the third one. And I just looked at her like -", after which Holmes made a petrified face.

However, like any good pro Katie made the best of it, ensuring she got through the speech without too many blushes as she continued: "Obviously, I knew what the point of (the speech) was so I made my way there."

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