Sharon Osbourne: 'My 12 Dogs All Get Christmas Stockings!'

Hope they get something for her too!

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Sharon Osbourne's pet dogs will be getting Christmas stockings this year, according to the lady herself - yep, all 12 of them!

The fabulous 60-year-old told Star magazine that her festive generosity won't stop at her human family members.

"Don't be ridiculous of course I will be [getting them presents]!" she told the publication.

"They get their own stockings, my dogs."

She also quipped: "Oh, they dance. All of mine can play the piano and do all kinds of tricks. It just comes naturally to me.

"I'm lying, of course. They do nothing but sh*t, and, of course lick and love you! I wish I had the patience to train them, but I don't."

Son Jack and daughter Kelly will be spending the big day with their spouses, meaning it will be Christmas dinner for three at Sharon's house.

"Jack's married and got his own family now, so he is going to his in-laws, and Kelly is going to her boyfriend's house," she said. "Aimee, Ozzy and I will be over here [the UK]."

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