Nas 'Sued For $10m Over Promoter's Angolan Kidnapping Ordeal'

Rap star was allegedly a no show causing kidnap

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Rapper Nas is reportedly being sued for $10m, as a concert promoter claims that the 'God's Son' star's no-show caused him to endure a horrifying kidnapping ordeal.

According to TMZ, Patrick Allocco says he was kidnapped in December 2011 in Angola because despite taking $300,000 to play at the Angolan New Year's concert Nas didn't turn up.

The website states that Allocco alleges that he was held for ransom by Angolan music promoters and their "henchmen" as they wanted the money they had spent on attracting the star to the oil rich African state back.

He was released in February 2012 and has now reportedly filed a federal lawsuit filed looking for damages from the rap superstar for what happened to him.

Specifically the gossip site states that he claims he was was a captive for 50 days , being beaten and threatened and as a result suffering psychologically, physically and financially.

Since September this year Nas has been pursued by the US tax authorites over what they state is an unpaid $2.5m tax bill.