Strictly Come Dancing Final 2012: And The Winner Is... Louis Smith!

Olympic gymnast Louis Smith beats Denise and Kimberley to be crowned Strictly champion 2012

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Strictly Come Dancing Final 2012: And The Winner Is... Louis Smith!
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He pulled out all the stops, namely showing off his impressive gymnastic skills and his even more impressive physique, and it’s all paid off as Louis Smith finally took gold in tonight's Strictly Come Dancing!

He has had swarms of girls screaming his name, had Bruno in a flutter and got Darcey all hot and bothered- but it wasn’t just Louis Smith’s good looks that’s made them so happy, it was his amazing dancing too.

Tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing final showed just how incredible Louis’ journey had been. Fresh out of the Olympics where he won silver and bronze, Louis had a very limited dance background. But he proved that it didn’t matter as week after week he improved, and tonight’s show proved just how much of a great dancer he has become.

Louis and Flavia’s first dance of the night wowed everyone as they once again reincarnated the infamous Dirty Dancing routine during their salsa.

Flavia proved just what a great choreographer she is as she made the dance even better, and that famous lift which made Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze so memorable, was done to perfection by the Strictly pair.

After scoring 39 points, they went all out to ensure they had perfect scores in their show dance- and mission accomplished as the judges simply could not fault it!

Taking the ladies by surprise, Louis went topless and showed off his beautifully toned physique during a sensual rumba style show dance.

Finally, the pair performed their favourite dance of the series which was their Charleston from week 9.

The first time they danced this Louis had performed an amazing flip right over Flavia who was flat out on the floor. But ever the dare-devil, tonight Louis did it twice- much to the astonishment of the audience. This dance earned them a fantastic 39 points.

However, it wasn’t an easy ride for Louis as he had three fabulous ladies to contend with- Dani, Kimberley and Denise.

The first to go tonight was poor Dani who was all dressed up for her jive with partner Vincent, but she had done exceedingly well to get that far.

Kimberley and Denise meanwhile were on fire as both had performed unbelievably during this final. Both their judges pick and show dances were out of this world, and so in their final favourite dance it was all to play for.

Firstly, Denise and James performed their amazing Charleston that they did at Wembley. Len said that he “will never forget that" whilst Bruno dubbed it as “world class”. They scored a perfect 40 points for this.

Not one to be left out, Kimberley went back to that passionate Tango that they did in week 8. Looking all serious and pouty, Kimberley left the judges suitable impressed. “You femme fatale, strictly irresistible” purrs Bruno, whilst Craig declares it was “ten times better than last time.” Another 40 points was awarded for this routine.

However, after all the all the outstanding dances, it was Louis and Flavia who turned out to be the people’s favourite and had dances their way to victory.

Louis thanked his partner by saying “She has been an absolute legend.” He added: 'She is the nicest person I have ever met."

Louis then rounded things off by joking “I can finally say I've won something in 2012.”

Congratulations Louis and all of the Strictly Come Dancing finalists!

Do you think Louis was a worthy winner?

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