Tom Daley Comforted By One Direction's Liam Payne After Twitter Abuse

Olympic diver and boyband star now good pals...

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Tom Daley was comforted by One Direction star Liam Payne after the Olympic diver received abuse on Twitter earlier this year.

Singer Liam, 19, contacted 18-year-old sportsman Tom after he was sent cruel messages online criticising him for his performance in the London 2012 Games this summer.

Tom told the Daily Star: “I'm really good mates with Liam - we actually became mates after the Twitter thing when that guy gave me abuse.

“He called me up and told me not to let it bother me, which was really supportive of him.”

The lads are now good friends and regularly speak to each other and party at London celebrity hangouts or go out to eat.

Tom added: “Since then we've become close mates and usually on a typical boys' night, you'll find him and me down Funky Buddha having a few drinks and a dance.

“Either that or we'll go for a Chinese or a Wagamama.”

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