Homeland's Claire Danes: 'I Want To Be A Yummy Mummy'

The actress is hoping to fit back into her skinny jeans asap

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It’s long been a Hollywood staple for new mums to get back into shape as soon as physically possible and Claire Danes is no exception after admitting she would love to become a yummy mummy.

The Homeland actress and her husband, Hugh Dancy, welcomed their first child, son Cyrus, into the world last week and new mum Claire is determined she will become a stylish mother.

Speaking to Times magazine about motherhood, the Hollywood actress revealed: ''I can't begin to imagine what kind of mother I want to be. How could I answer that? I want to be a putrid mother who does not listen to her child and puts her own needs before theirs? I would want my child to feel safe and loved and held."

Claire Danes is determined to become a yummy mummy (Lia Toby/WENN)

Although the 33-year-old star shared her doubts on what type of mother she would like to be, she's pretty clear on one thing: becoming a hot mama.

Adding: "Do I want to be yummy mummy? Well, I certainly don't want to be a repulsive mummy. I want to be yummy to the people who I have a an interest in finding me yummy, sure.''

While the Homeland star, who won an Emmy this year, will be enjoying some bonding time with her little tot, there's no doubt she will be back on the screen in due time as Claire also revealed just how important her acting career has been and continues to be to her.

''The desire to act has been such a powerful driving force as long as I can remember. I've always had such enthusiasm, and a clear direction about it."

Continuing: "It's really very freeing to engage in the world in a way that is radically different from your own, to get into wild scenarios and play out the consequences.''

We're pretty sure Claire will make one hot mum.

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