Homeland: Abu Nazir Brings America To It's Knees In Epic Finale!

Series two ends with a bang as Brody protests his innocence!

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Last night’s Homeland concluded the second series on the most satisfying of notes, giving the audience a truly riveting finale as we saw Abu Nazir carry out a terrorist attack in America, one of epic proportions.

The image of Brody kissing Carrie at the memorial for the assassinated US Vice President went far in toying with the audience’s emotions as we began to believe that the villainous protagonist might have had a change of heart.

But as we saw the bomb explode at the memorial service, Carrie was quick to switch back to her de facto role as a no nonsense CIA agent, quickly holding Brody at gunpoint. Even though Brody went far in protesting his innocence, it was a fantastic culmination of the emotional rollercoaster that his character has taken the audience on throughout this series.

Are you sad Homeland is over? (WENN)

It also tantalizingly established the foundations for the third series. Brody has long been an unpredictable presence but now he’s the apparent victim of mistaken identity, fighting to clear his name.

It also allows a transition of Carrie’s role, her previous hell bent efforts to prove that Brody was a terrorist have been completely turned on their head, now that she’s set to prove the opposite.

The finale was everything that we wanted, unpredictable, unexpected and tantalizingly tense. It’s hard to see what series three of one of the best shows on TV will throw our way, but boy we’re excited to find out!

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