Carmen Electra Clears Up Romance With Simon Cowell: 'I'm Done With Bad Boys'

Clearly the Playboy model prefers her men more distinguished these days

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Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra’s budding romance? Talk about throwing a curve ball! It seemed like one of those odd Hollywood pairings destined to be ridiculed from start to end.

But the former Baywatch beauty has shed some light on what perhaps attracted her to the music mogul, and let’s just say, it’s starting to make a whole lot more sense.

The ex-playboy model spoke exclusively to The Sun newspaper about finally curbing her attraction to bad boys and revealed she is more likely to date a guy for his personality rather than his body – hench her new romance with Si.

Carmen and Simon got close during Britain's Got Talent (WENN)

"I had been brought up with macho guys. All my four older brothers were karate black belts. A lot of guys do not want to show they are vulnerable because they regard it as weakness," she revealed to the tabloid.

''So I ignored that for a time. I was foolish. But at 18 I was attracted to bad boys. I watched what went on around me in Hollywood and wanted to learn.''

The former Baywatch star, who built up a friendship with 51-year-old Simon while she filled in as a guest judge on Britain’s Got Talent, was previously married to hellraiser Dennis Rodman and later to rocker Dave Navarro.

''Am I still interested in a guy's body ? Now I have grown up, I am much more of a 'vibe' kind of person! If a man has a good body, that is an added plus. But I do not think it is the most important."

We're sure Simon must be sighing with relief.

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