Carly Rae Jepsen: 'I Want Mariah Carey For Christmas'

The Canadian singer would love for Mariah to swing by hers on Christmas day

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It’s a big ask, but Carly Rae Jepsen is hoping that Santa will deliver Mariah Carey to her doorstep this Christmas.

The Canadian confessed what her perfect gift this year would be in a recent interview and a personal peformance from the American Idol judge topped her list.

"I want Mariah Carey to come to my house and sing All I Want For Christmas Is You," Carly told BBC Radio One, before adding: "It's the best Christmas song!"

Mariah Carey has been treating fans to autographs and photos in Aspen ( News)

Carly will surely be spending the festive season recuperating after a hectic year which has seen her career sky rocket.

The Grammy-Award nominated singer has been busy supporting her lablemate Justin Bieber on his 'Believe' tour and admitted the early morning starts is her least favourite part.

"Sometimes it's a pretty early morning. It hurts. Early flights... Every day I'm like, 'I'm not getting up,' and I barricade the door and say, 'I'm not getting up,'" Carly admitted.

The mum-of-two will most likely spend the festive season in  Colorado ( News)

Adding: "[Bieber has two people to get him up?] I have one waking up person, one, though she makes it enticing for me to get out of bed. She shows up with breakfast, a Starbucks and a tap on the door.

"I'm like a teenager and first I say, 'No,' then I smell the coffee! Being hooked up on a caffeine drip sounds like a good idea. I might have to suggest that."

Sorry to burst your bubble Carly, but Mariah has already been getting into the festive mood in Aspen, Colorado where she will likely spend Christmas. It was a nice wish, though.

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