Lindsay Lohan 'Planning To Sue Scary Movie 5 Producers Over Trailer Probation Joke'

The actress is 'furious' producers edited the trailer without clearing it with her

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It's looking like Lindsay Lohan's legal dramas are far from over with the actress reportedly planning on suing the producers of 'Scary Movie 5' for including a gag in the trailer which she didn't approve.

The 'Liz & Dick' actress has a cameo in the notorious spoof movie alongside Charlie Sheen whom she shares scenes with, but it seems there are some aspects of the flick that Lindsay didn't find so funny, namely the trailer which sees her screaming at a news report about her probation.

According to TMZ, the original trailer showed Li-Lo throwing a screaming fit while watching her film, 'Herbie: Fully Loaded', but it was later changed to a news station reporting on her recent probation being revoked.

Lindsay apparently had no idea the scene had been changed and was never cleared by herself, something which the producers are said to have originally agreed to.

Source have told the website that Lindsay feels the probation joke was a retaliation from the producers who hold her to blame for delaying the shoot and also vandalising her trailer.

The actress, 26, is reportedly planning to consult her legal team over the alleged breach of contract.

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