Uh Oh! Kim Kardashian Plans To Hire A Stylist For Lamar Odom

Word of advice Lamar, steer clear of leather kilts no matter what Kimmy says

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Kim Kardashian is apparently on the look out for a stylist for her brother-in-law Lamar Odom.

Despite her younger sister Kourtney insisting that she loves her husband's dress sense her sibling Kim has other ideas and has plans to enlist a stylist for the LA Clippers player as a Christmas gift.

''Kim is desperate to get Lamar a stylist. She even offered to get him one for Christmas!" Khloe is quoted by Grazia.

Khloe is quite happy with Lamar's casual dress sense (SPW/Splash News)

Adding: ''Lamar doesn't care - he thinks it's funny. And I love his style because it's his style. I don't need some cookie-cutter guy.''

It seems Kimmy’s interest in fashion has increased ten-fold after she began dating fashion maverick Kanye West earlier this year.

The 'Mercy' rapper is largely responsible for tweaking Kimmy’s wardrobe of late and even lavished the reality star with a set of new clothes on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Even Kim has openly admitting that she has become more experimental with fashion thanks to her beau.

Poor Lamar, let's hope Kim knows what she's doing.

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