'I Didn't Fake My Double Mastectomy': Michelle Heaton Lashes Out At 'Disgusting' Twitter Trolls

The singer was forced to respond to nasty comments on Twitter

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Michelle Heaton's Christmas spirit was tainted earlier today when she was forced to hit out at "disgusting" comments she has received on Twitter from users claiming she "faked" having a double mastectomy.

The former Liberty X singer has endured a difficult year in which she learned there was an 85% chance she would develop ovarian or breast cancer in the future, resulting in Michelle having a double mastectomy to have both of her breasts removed in November.

Despite her well-documented ordeal, some became sceptical over the weekend when they saw photos of Michelle at her best friend's wedding showing "cleavage" leading some to accuse the star of lying about the mastectomy.


Michelle Heaton was accused of 'faking' her double mastectomy (Daniel Deme/WENN.com)

Understandably infuriated, Michelle took to her Twitter on Christmas Eve to blast the Twitter trolls for their "disgusting" comments.

"I try my best not to read the comments.. But as so many of you have been supportive I thought if take a look. Much to my disappointment there are many," Michelle's rant began.

"...negative and down right disgusting things written. To clear a few things up (that I shouldn't need to, but u leave me no choice).."

"..no I didn't fake my double mastectomy (sick twisted people who wrote that should be blocked from using this site)."

"...my dress was a bridesmaid dress as I was her bridesmaid, I did not "choose" to have my chest hanging out, the dress was chosen for me…"

".. The "horrible" lump below my Collar bone is a loop recorder, which continuously records my heart as I have to have a pacemaker fitted…"

"...and that's about it. Lol, I am now gonna enjoy my Xmas eve with my family, but as always thank You for those who've supported me. Xxxx."

Not everyone sent Michelle nasty messages though, and the star was flooded with supportive messages from her fans, whom she thanked in a later tweet.

"Thank u all for the gorgeous messages.. Hope you are having a lovely Christmas Eve all. Love the hanleys xxxx," Michelle added.

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