James Arthur 'Left Embarrassed' After Bank Card Is 'Declined Three Times In Store'

Clearly his X Factor winner's money hasn't come through yet

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It's embarrassing when your bank card is declined at the till point as a normal person, but when you're an X Factor winner, it borderlines humiliating as James Arthur found out this week when his card was refused three times.

The 'Impossible' singer was spotted visiting a Foot Asylum store at Teeside Shopping Park, Stockton-On-Tees on Boxing Day along with other sale shoppers, where he is said to have chosen more than 10 caps along with trainers and tops.


James was left red-faced when his bank card was declined not one, but three times! (Craig Harris/WENN.com)

According to Splash News, James was "left embarrassed" when he got to the till point and attempted to pay the £771.74 bill but found that his card declined.

As is protocol in these embarrassing situations, the shop manager tried to process James' card three times in total, but after failing repeatedly, the 24-year-old was forced to make a phone call where he was overheard asking someone if they had transferred the money into his account.

Most likely due to his celeb status, James was reportedly given permission to take the purchases home and pay the bill at a later date.

James' misfortune only adds fuel to Matt Cardle's argument, after saying the singer "needs to sell two million records" before he can judge others' success.

The pair were locked in a war of words last week when Cardle said James' comments about previous male X Factor winners were offensive.

Next time James, you might want to check your bank balance first!

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