John Mayer Texting Emily Maynard Behind Katy Perry’s Back?

Apparently the singer has been a naughty boy yet again

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John Mayer’s roving eye is a well-known habit in Hollywood, but it seems the star, who has been romancing Katy Perry for the last few months, could be back to his old ways yet again.

According to Life & Style, the musician has been busy exchanging text message with Bachelorette beauty Emily Maynard behind Katy’s back.

"I’m shocked he’d be talking to Emily, but she is gorgeous," an insider informed the gossip magazine, adding: "I don’t know how she does it, but she’s got all of these guys chasing after her."

The well informed insider also admitted that the 35-year-old singer is a "huge fan of the show", while John has also openly confessed The Bachelor is his "guilty pleasure" during a chat with Ellen Degeneres.

This is not the first time the ladies man has been linked to other women while dating the ‘Firework’ star – and judging by his track record, we’re sure it won’t be the last.

It was reported just last week that the singer has been meeting up for "sex dates" with an unidentified woman.

"They meet frequently just for sex dates.  And they sext each other almost constantly," a source recently told Life & Style.

Adding: "John and this woman have incredible sexual chemistry and have been seeing each other nonstop since their first encounter almost two years ago."

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