US Downton Abbey Fans Blast Online Spoilers, Want New Episodes Sooner

Spoilers are inveitable for overseas fans who have to wait until New Year

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British fans of hit US shows are no strangers to the need to wait for months before new episodes are shown on our TV screens.

This year alone, we've faced long waits for Glee, Smash, The X Factor USA's early audition shows, Homeland, Revenge, New Girl and many more. Spoilers are inevitable, and many turn to pirated uploads on the internet to get their fix before discovering shock plot twists in tweets and news articles.

We certainly know of many Gossip Girl fans who were upset to find out the identity of the title character after the final episode broadcast in the US, but before the UK received it on ITV2.

And now a similar problem is affecting US fans of breakout UK hit Downton Abbey, which airs on ITV from October but doesn't get shown on American network PBS until January.

Downton Abbey's Christmas special (ITV Pictures)

With the most recent series and in particular the Christmas Special proving particularly loaded with dramatic events, many of the international viewers are becoming frustrated with discovering the surprise twists online before seeing the episode for themselves.

Many have taken to Twitter to express their frustration, whilst others have written to PBS demanding that they air the series earlier.

We at EntertainmentWise have certainly heard from a few American viewers who have seen articles recapping plot twists after they have been shown in the UK.

On Entertainment Weekly, a poll has suggested that an overwhelming 95% of Downton fans are annoyed with the wait, whereas the other 5% quite like having the show to look forward to in the New Year.

What do you think? Should broadcasters and producers share their content with other countries straight away? Or are they wise to wait?

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