Prince Charles Is 'A Great Laugh', Says Jamie Oliver

Chef had fun with the heir to the throne

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Jamie Oliver as said that Prince Charles is a "great laugh" to spend time with.

The famous chef was speaking on Channel 4's The Last Leg Of The Year when he discussed Britain's next monarch.

"He's a great laugh. He's really into his food and farming," he said. "For the last 40 years he's been quite pioneering.

"Maybe people around him thought he was a bit of a hippy. Everything he has done has come of age."

Prince Charles (WENN)

And of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, which made the Royals more prominent than ever, he confessed: "I love any opportunity for the country to come together and have a party. It was like Christmas Day.

"I do like a bit of royal stuff."

No kidding!

The Last Leg Of The Year airs on Channel 4 tomorrow (December 30).

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