Super Shy Nicole Scherzinger Confesses: 'I'm A Loner'

The X Factor judge blames her career for her lack of friends

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She may have a bubbly personality and effortless stage presence, but Nicole Scherzinger is in fact a bit of a "loner".

Despite her confident exterior, the X Factor judge admits on the inside she is quite shy and takes a while to warm to people.

"I'm a very private person and only have a handful of friends," Nicole confessed to Fabulous magazine.

While the former Pusycat Doll singer always looks pretty natural and at ease on the red carpet, she admits it's actally a nerve-wracking process she has to build up to.

"I get very shy if I have to go to an event or walk a red carpet and be around a lot of people. It takes me a while to come out of my shell. I'm a loner - in the [Pussycat] Dolls, when I was in college, always a loner."

Pinpointing the roots of her introverted personality, Nicole blames her ambition and focus on her career for her lack of friends. "I think it's because I'm always in work mode with a million things in my head," Nicole continued.

"It's just how I was made. It's got me to where I am today."

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