Kate Middleton And Prince William's Baby To Have 'Modern Upbringing'?

The Royal couple reportedly have their own plans of how to raise their child

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It is believed that the child of the Kate Middleton and Prince William will have a "modern upbringing."

According to Showbiz Spy, the Royal couple, who announced that they were expecting their first child earlier this month, are keen to raise their son or daughter the way they want to.

A source claimed: "They want to raise the baby on their own terms.

“William and Kate’s child will have a modern upbringing.”

The proud parents to be! (WENN)

Wanting their child, who will also be an heir to the throne, to have a normal upbringing, the source continued:

"William is painfully aware of what it’s like to grow up with the burden of being the future monarch hanging over your head.

“Your whole life is mapped out for you. They want their child to have as normal a childhood as they can manage.”

Whilst reports have claimed that Kate and Prince William want to give their child a modern upbringing, it has also been claimed that Kate will not make any journeys abroad following the birth.

A source told the Daily Telegraph:

"The Duchess will give birth at some point in 2013 and it would be unusual for her to travel in the couple of months after that. No overseas tour has yet been planned for next year, and obviously the arrival of the baby will have an effect on the Duchess’s diary."

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