Kourtney Kardashian Moans About Scott Disick's Fashion Sense Whilst Kim 'Loves' Kanye West's Style

Kim reckons she's lost without her man's influence

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Kourtney Kardashian has revealed she still can't decipher what to buy her long-term partner Scott Disick when it comes to clothing, claiming she is just as bemused with his style as she was when she met him.

The reality TV star has confessed that despite being in a relationship for so long with the dapper New York chap and having two children together, she still has no idea what to get him in terms of menswear.

Kourtney's younger sisters Kim and Khloe joked that rather than this being her failing as a girlfriend, it's Scott's fussy nature that is to blame.

Kourtney still doesn't know what to buy Scott Disick in terms of menswear - Splash

"Scott is so picky when it comes to dressing himself that I could never pick something out for him. Whatever I think his style is, it never is," Kourtney moaned to More! magazine.

"And the same goes for me - he'll be like, 'I almost bought you these shoes' and I'm like, 'Thank god you didn't!' But we both love fashion and he loves shopping with me,'' she added.

Kim Kardashian, who is pregnant with her rapper beau's baby, claims she has a different perspective on men's fashion – allowing Kanye West to choose her closet options.

Kim is lost without Kanye's closet help, seen here in a Julien MacDonald dress - Splash

Kanye, who has designed his own clothing collection, has influenced Kim's style to the point of transformation. ''I would let him [loose in my closet]," Kim gushed.

"I love his taste and I learnt a lot just by different stylists he introduced me to.''

''But the hard part is when they leave and I'm stuck by myself, because I sometimes find it hard to put clothes together,'' she added.

We weren't so fussed on Kim's latest red carpet gown, a Julien MacDonald mesh and embroidered midi dress which accentuated her pregnancy curves to the max.

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